Getting Started

Creating traced issues

An issue issue with traceability enabled will be updated automatically by the tracer action.

Issue containing subtasks information updated by tracer
## Section
## Traceability <!-- traceability -->
<!-- Section created by tracer. Do not edit -->
### Related issues
- [x] Closed issue title (#1)
- [ ] Open issue title (#2)

Issue with traceability information

Refining needs and defining subtasks

You can mark a requirement as a subtask by including in the issue's body a snippet indicating the parent issue number.

An issue body metadata
## Section
the issue body...
<!-- issue metadata at the end of the body, in yaml format -->
partOf: #{parentIssueNumber}

⚠️ Make sure that the parent issue exist and is enabled for traceability before marking an issue part of it.

Resolving requirements

A pull request that follows the pull request format will automatically link the pull request with the issue.

Pull request #32 linked to the issue #31

Last updated on February 7, 2023